End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Know

Before taking on your end-of-lease cleaning, understand that it is to your benefit to do a thorough cleaning and meet all the requirements stated in your tenancy agreement. If the cleaning is done otherwise, you will have a hard time winning back your tenancy deposit. Therefore, ensure that any damages incurred during your stay are replaced. Moreover, if you leave it to your landlord to do and forward you the bill, the cost will be high than your expectations. In our below article, find some tips to use when doing end of tenancy cleaning services by Like Cleaning Services Group;

Understand the Cleaning Requirements

Before commencing your cleaning, analyze the requirements since even with regular upkeep, there can be several areas to purge. Moreover, end-of-lease cleaning differs from regular cleaning in terms of time, energy, techniques, and products. It must be cleaned to meet the requirements and specific criteria of the property owner. If you do not keenly analyze what you are supposed to do, you risk losing your tenancy deposit or a hefty portion of it.

Remove Mold Spots

Due to seepage, poor ventilation, or excessive moisture, various rooms in the house may develop mold spots. They are unappealing and make the quality of indoor air poor. Removing these spots will save you a bond deposit deduction by your landlord if the marks were not present when you moved into the house. You can remove the mold spots by spraying white vinegar, leave it for about an hour, then scrub the spots using warm water, soap and brush. After that, dry the area and respray it with vinegar to prevent the fungus from growing again.

Follow a Checklist

When performing these back-breaking and crucial tasks, it is necessary to use a strategic approach by following a checklist. Therefore, prepare your list according to the requirements of the property owner or inspector. Reputable companies always perform the tasks concerning an approved cleaning checklist. Hence, if you have hired professional cleaners, you can be assured that they will function properly and complete each task. If you intend to perform a DIY, then you can download sample checklists from the internet.

Get Assistance from Professionals

The best way to have your end-of-lease clean-up performed correctly is to hire professional end-of-lease cleaners. Not only do they know what to do, but they also have the right tools and products for optimum results. For the best results, ensure that you hire experienced experts and have an eye for the details. Also, hire a company that offers you affordable prices. By hiring reliable professionals, you will save time and energy that you can use to carry out moving-related responsibilities.

Clean the Walls and the Windows

Lastly, do not forget to clean walls, baseboards, window and door frames, and tracks. The surfaces are usually soiled, which can be cleaned by wiping with cleaning solutions. Window and door frames may have dust, moisture, and dirt accumulated in them. Moreover, ensure that you clean the carpets adequately. Hence, if your house has a carpeted floor, you may hire professionals to shampoo and steam clean them.

How To Find The Best Accommodation Construction Company

Selecting the right contractor is a crucial step in ensuring that your accommodation in TAS project is a success. At times, the contractor selection may be obvious when you have one from your previous works. Moreover, when entering a new geographical market, you may go for a construction company with extensive experience in other markets. However, in most cases, a contractor for accommodation properties requires several criteria, which are tailored to the projects’ needs. Below are some tips on how to choose a good accommodation construction company;

Experience and Previous Work

Before engaging the construction company, you need to know how long they have been in the hospitality construction field. The period spent in the business is a critical aspect to ponder over when doing your shortlisting. Although selecting a contractor that has been in existence for like a year may not necessarily cause you trouble, a company operating for decades gives you confidence. Furthermore, ensure that you have a look at their portfolio for examples of previous work. Remember, being in business for long doesn’t automatically mean that the contractor is good.

The Budget

The bid put forward by the hospitality construction company will offer the details of the cost estimate involved in erecting the hotel. The contractor will hand you a proposal commonly referred to as a tender. Therefore, ensure that you check out the details in every tender submitted to you. Your choice will depend on the details of the proposal. Remember, it is common for the work to go beyond the budget depending on various aspects of the project. Nevertheless, you need to have an account before delving into the contractor selection process.

Recommendations and Referrals

In the hospitality industry, sentiments concerning contractors can spread like wildfire. Hence, it would be great to get reviews from trusted friends and other hotel owners who used the contractor to build their hotels. Also, you can attend networking events and learn more about the best construction companies that operate in your area of interest. A good company will have a positive reputation among its previous clients. Online reviews, too, can be of much help.


Choosing a contractor for an accommodation project is not as simple a task as it may seem. Besides, hiring contractor services will differ from industry to industry. For instance, when building a factory, the best construction company will specialize in building factories. Likewise, when you want to build a hotel, the contractor should excel at build hotels. Therefore, an experienced hospitality contractor will be a good selection for you. However, ensure that you work within your budget and do not compromise on the quality of material used for safety purposes.

Reasons to Start an Online Business

While many people understand how good it is to run a successful business, only a few understand the sweetness of running an online business. Running an online business means that you will not have to incur a lot of expenses as most of the things are not needed. For instance, for you to start an online business, you do not have to buy land as it is when establishing a physical business. That is just but one of the many benefits associated with establishing an online business.

If you are planning to establish an online business, but you are not sure whether or not this is the right route to take, then you need to keep reading this article. The following are some of the reasons why you consider establishing an online business.

Ultimate Job Security

Knowing that you have a stable income after when you are fired is a good thing. It will keep away the stress and the panic that comes with losing your job. Investing in an online business will definitely get rid of all those fears. As long as you know how to do it correctly, online business will never disappoint. You, however, should never hesitate to hire a digital marketing expert to help boost your business.

Follow your Passion

Another good thing with the internet business is that you are able to follow your passion. You just decide on that project that you feel passionate about and focus on them. One of the benefits of focusing on the project that you are passionate about is that they are not likely to fail. This is because you give them all of you. Besides, boredom will never come anywhere close to you and this is what good life is all about.

Wide Access to Customers

Can you imagine being able to sell to the entire world? That is definitely a good thing because it means that you will be in a better position to make good profits. Having access to a wide range of customers is

one of the best things that those who have online businesses are able to enjoy. So if you are looking for an opportunity that will make it possible for you to make huge profits, then you might want to venture into the online world.

However, you should never forget the old age saying that nothing good comes easily on a silver platter. There are several strategies that you will need to employ including digital marketing in order to achieve it.